Screen Int installations

Installation regulations for controlling Screen International CinePro and Winches

Please note that both Screen International CinePro and Winch system should be installed and maintained under LOLER regulations.

  • Decent and ascent is always monitored by the end user
  • Press and hold to operate the screen
  • End users are provided with easy to access STOP function. This button should kill power to the motor.
  • End users are trained in the operation of these products
  • Periodic inspection of these products as recommended by manufacturers
    guidelines should be in place

Other recommendations for installation of CinePro:

  • We would strongly recommend that the Cinepro is lifted using 3 points of connection to add a failsafe during the lifting operation
  • If in doubt please consult with us. AVM can put you in touch with specialist contractors that are used to handling screens of this size and weight.
  • Periodic inspections and certification are services which can be provided by AVM specialist approved contractors

Installation regulations for controlling Screen International CinePro and Winches

The Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) are set of regulations created under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 which came into force in Great Britain on 5 December 1998 and replaced a number of other pieces of legislation which covered the use of lifting equipment.

With regards to control of these devices, the devices must be controlled in the following manner

Recommendations for Screen Winch

  • It is strongly recommended that screen motor and winch motor are not operated at the same time. Motors should be individually controlled by independent controllers
  • STOP / KILL button should be installed with the winch electrical wiring Useful Controller Options

The following products supplied by AVM have been authorised as acceptable methods of controlling these devices

Please note AC231 should be in DOT Moving Mode.

  • RF Control
  • Low Voltage Control RF Wall Pad
  • Wall Control Switch
  • AC231 RF Receiver
  • AC231 RF Receiver
  • AC231 RF Receiver + AC125-01 Wall Transmitter AC231 RF Receiver + AC125-02 Wall Switch

For further advice and information please do not hesitate to contact AVM Technical Services on 01276 418033.

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