2021 InAvation Awards Finalist: Queen Mary University of London by Reflex

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Queen Mary University of London is a leading Russell Group university with more than 25,000 students. Its history stretches back to the founding of The London Hospital Medical College, England’s first official medical school, in 1785.
The University is based on four founding institutions: St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, London Hospital Medical College, Westfield College, Queen Mary College. In 1992 St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College and London Hospital Medical College merged to become Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. In 1995, these institutions then merged with Queen Mary and Westfield college. In 2000 Queen Mary and Westfield College changed its name to Queen Mary University of London.

The Brief

The purpose of this project was to upgrade the rear projection system in The Great Hall; an 800-seat space in an art deco building. This space is not only used for campus activities, but also as a rented space for external events. It is therefore an important source of revenue and having world-class audio-visual technologies is imperative.

The Solution

Reflex collaborated with Audio Visual Material (AVM) and Christie on this project. This is the second upgrade of the flagship space in seven years.

The project replaced the Christie 3DLP projectors with Christie Crimson HD31 projectors. The latter projectors maintain the high-level image quality with BoldColor™ Technology for rich and vibrant colours; they offer enhanced colour performance and saturation over standard laser phosphor projectors. 

The new projectors also upgraded the light source from lamps to lasers. This improvement has reduced the running costs and now the projectors are virtually maintenance free.  

As Raj Dattani, Senior Technical Design Engineer at Reflex, describes it, “We have gone from two 10K projectors, 4 lamps, and regular maintenance checks to triple the brightness and no maintenance with laser.” Additionally, a switch to AV over IP distribution means just one cable to the projector as well as giving users and clients huge flexibility. 

The Result

Henrik Brogger, Head of IT Service Delivery, commented, “Thank you to the team at Reflex for helping make the upgrade of our prestigious space by far fit for the future! I can’t wait to see a lecture in the hall with that magnificent projection.”
Dattani added: ‘’The proof is always in the pudding as they say and this particular project was no exception, the results are there for all to see. Great effort all round!”

NOTE This project is a Technology Finalist in the 2021 InAvation Awards.

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