The Marriott Hotel Paris by Hospitality AV

The Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel is Paris’ largest hotel and conference venue.  With 90% of their business being from the corporate sector, it is vital to the hotel to have first class Audio Visual facilities within their conference and meeting rooms.

This need drove Domokos Lutzer, the hotel’s Event Technology Manager, to upgrade the projectors in the main conference room – a venue large enough for 1500 seated delegates.  With three XGA 6500 ANSI lumens Sanyo projectors that were several years old, he felt the technology was no longer sufficient for today’s needs.

He identified two key requirements for replacement projectors  – for them to be HD and a minimum of 10,000 ANSI lumens.  Some initial research matched the Eiki HDT1000 to this specification within the available budget.

At this point Lutzer brought in his preferred AV reseller, Hospitality AV, who highly recommended Eiki as a longstanding and reliable brand – and in fact they are installed in many Marriott hotels worldwide.

Hospitality AV partnered with distributor Audio Visual Material to provide the Eikis.  Chris Athanasiou, AVM’s Technical Manager, drove to Paris to demonstrate the projectors to 15 people including hotel Executive Committee members and senior hotel management executives.  His knowledge helped to convince the hotel Executive Commmittee that choosing Eiki was the correct decision, and four weeks after the demonstration the installs began.

Lutzer is very pleased with the results.  When asked if he had any user feedback he replied “No – and that’s a very good thing.  With the old projectors I often received complaints about how noisy they were.  The fact that I no longer hear anything means the customers are happy!”  However he has had positive comments from external AV companies who have visited the hotel, reinforcing his belief in the brand.

Post installation Lutzer has found Audio Visual Material very helpful and supportive and would have no hesitation in working with them again via his reseller.

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