Rack building service

We work within the AVIXA rack building standard F502.01:2018 and rack design F502.02:2020.

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We provide a rack building services that meets the standards of AVIXA's Rack Design and Rack Building standards.

The Rack Design standard covers the fundamental processes and decisions necessary for designing equipment into a reliable AV equipment rack, from rack selection, thermal management, power system design, to earthing (grounding) and bonding requirements.

It also covers the design input information that should be available to achieve an agreed-upon outcome prior to designing the rack, including system design documentation, rack location/environment, entry/connection method for site cabling, and more.

The Rack Building standards details the requirements for integrating AV systems into racks by providing a process for consistent assembly, mounting, and cable management.

This standard covers the fundamental elements of building a reliable AV equipment rack, including:

  • Assembly of AV equipment racks, associated options, and accessories in single and multi-rack installations.
  • Mounting and affixing of rack-mount and non-rack-mount AV equipment.
  • Cable management, including planning, lacing, location, and separation of signal and power cables for cable management entering and within racks.
  • Final cleaning, labeling, and finishing of the AV rack build.