Targeting corporates? The future’s bright and diverse


If you are an integrator with a focus on corporates, the news is good.  This sector remains the single largest slice of the pro AV market. And according to AVIXA, it is forecast to keep on growing, albeit at a rather slower rate than the total industry.

Wind back twenty years and corporate installations rarely varied.  The projector might be ceiling mounted or freestanding on the board table, the screen might be always there or disappear into the ceiling, but you could guarantee those two items were always part of the mix.  There might be a set of speakers specified too.

Today, collaboration, conferencing,  training and presentation spaces are crucial elements at the heart of corporate communications.  The trend in workplace culture is towards examining the use of the room, the way people work, and designing solutions to support them.   With the growth of practices such as agile, flexible and activity based working, the need for the right technology has never been higher.  

Whilst remote working may be showing massive growth, many corporates see a need to retain a central location for staff to gather, to collaborate, to discuss.  But rather than individual desks in fixed offices, technology allows the space to be designed for the needs of these people.  From brainstorming hubs with sharing tools, to drop spots, where someone can quickly knock off a few emails, the aim is to use technology to construct an environment that enhances the user experience. By creating a space designed to meet the need, productivity is enhanced.  And the creative use of space can save costs on real estate as more can be achieved in less space.

In most modern workspaces, collaboration will be key, with sharing of voice and data essential. Solutions that integrate with UC platforms such as Zoom, Teams, etc for a seamless experience are needed.  High quality audio is increasingly important as remote team members join in from other locations.  Incorporating BYOD allows workers to remain connected and productive via the common mobile platforms that everyone owns – whilst at the same time bringing challenges around data protection and security.

The corporate market has changed so much in the last two decades as to become almost unrecognisable.  Prestigious board rooms that stand empty for most of the year, individual offices with workers sat at their own desks.  These are yesterday’s concepts.  The modern workspace embraces connection, between employees, between spaces and technology is the glue that holds it together.  And if the corporate technology market is a sector you target, I think the future has never seemed brighter.

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