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Safe working

Once in a lifetime something occurs that is the driver for massive change. COVID-19 has been the catalyst for huge shifts in our approach to working environments. None of us had used the term ‘social distancing’ before February 2020. But now it’s become embroiled in everyday language.

With safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind as organisations of all types strive to return to the new normal, it’s clear that changes are not just a ‘return to work’ issue but are something that companies need to embed in their long term plans. The pandemic has accelerated the need to support working practices such as remote and hybrid working. Organisations are looking at how to adapt to new ways of operating, that address challenges such as safe distancing, use of shared equipment, control of occupancy and ensuring non-symptomatic personnel do not inadvertently enter the premises.

There are technology solutions available that can help you keep your staff, visitors and customers safe, whilst still being able to operate effectively, and AVM has worked closely with our vendor partners to develop tools that will help you to support your customers, whether in corporate, retail or higher education environments.

You can download our full safe working brochure range here.

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