AV fact – your old projection screen is not suitable for your new projector


Pixels are getting smaller. Your new projector is likely to have full HD resolution or better.  That means smaller pixels, and the smaller the pixel, the more detail in your image. 

Losing detail

Your old projection screen probably has a texture that you can see and feel. This structure cannot handle these small pixels and will even deform them, having a negative impact on the detail in the image.

Do you want to see the best image?

Choose a projection screen developed for high resolution projection to use the full capacity of your new projector and get the best possible image.

The right screen will offer:

A smooth surface for perfect detail that is free from microscopic dips or grooves. On such a smooth surface, even the tiny pixels of 4k or 8k projection will remain visible and superb clarity retained.

Brilliant and vibrant colours.  The right screen will preserve the true colour of the projector.

Even brightness on all parts of the projection screen.  Find a screen that ensures an even distribution of projected light for a perfect image and uniformity. The projected light should look evenly bright on any space of the projection screen to create a well-illuminated and detailed image for the audience.

A perfectly flat tensioned projection surface. A tensioned vinyl projection surface will keep the projection surface under constant vertical and horizontal tensioning for a perfectly flat viewing area. The tensioning system will keep the surface perfectly flat and avoids waves, edge-curl or ripples. 

One such screen surface is the HD Progessive from Projecta. Talk to our screen specialists about the right screen for your application.

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