LCD cleaning service

Whether you bought your projector from AVM or not, we can offer you three options to help you control the cost of keeping your LCD projectors clean and the image looking its best.

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Cost is £95+ VAT per hour* for Christie projectors and £85+ VAT for all other brands. Please call us for a bespoke quotation for your projector

* Please note if there are any other parts required for the projector these will incur additional charges and labour

Prism and Pre Poloriser clean

LCD prism block and optical filters are removed, cleaned and reinstalled. This removes the majority of dust build up on LCD optical engines which shows up as colour hues to the image.

Firmware updates

Firmware is checked and updated to manufacturer recommendations.
Brightness Report

We will take before and after light output measurements so you can clearly see the difference our work has made to your projector.

Optical clean

There are up to 16 different optical lenses, filters and mirrors excluding the Prism assembly. Each one is inspected and cleaned. Dust in this area reduces overall light output so an optical clean is a good way of restoring the projector’s brightness.

Filter replacement

Filters need regular maintenance and are often overlooked but they are essential to maintain good clean air quality thorough your projector.

Chassis strip down

Stripping the projector down to bare component often locates fragments of glass or other contaminants that can cause intermittent fan failures etc. Ideal where lamp explosions have taken place.

Fans cleaned

All fans are carefully cleaned and tested for vibration and replacements are advised accordingly. Dirt on fan blades can add vibrations to images and contribute to dust being blown around within the projector.

Convergence aligned

Convergence of the LCD panels is checked on all levels and any needed alignment is completed under our Gold Service plan. A projector that is out of convergence will show three distinct colours instead of white which results in a soft and blurry image. Some models have a fixed alignment LCD’s and these are not adjustable. Your technician will advise if this is the case.