Brackets, Lifts and Mounts


Multibrackets is a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of digital signage technology – by providing hardware and services to enable the full value from idea to a ready product.

With a modular design, the range offers limitless possibilities.  Their aim is simple, intuitive mounting solutions for in-room and digital signage installations.

B Tech Mounts

B-Tech AV Mounts

B-Tech AV Mounts is an industry leading brand of professional AV mounting solutions which are recognised worldwide for their reliability, robustness, ease of install and design aesthetics.

Established in London in 1972, B-Tech is a global organisation with offices and distribution centres located across the globe, providing customer support that combines all the benefits of a global organisation with the focused, dedicated approach of a personal, localised service.



Audipack manufactures products for use in many professional audio-visual markets.

They offer solutions for both indoor or outdoor installations. Solutions to mount your flat screen or projector; protect it against vandalism, theft, weather conditions, dirt and damage. Or hide it out of sight in the floor or ceiling, when not in use. Audipack’s are always happy to offer technical and innovative know-how during any professional installation.