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AVail Service+ is one of the ways that Audio Visual Material offers our trade customers Distribution with a Difference

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AVail Service+ is one of the ways that Audio Visual Material offers our trade customers Distribution with a Difference.


Our technical team can supply full servicing for the brands AVM supplies plus all other major brands including Epson, Sanyo, NEC, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Sharp and Panasonic.

This includes routine servicing and cleaning, repairs and spares and replacement lamps. The service can include collection and delivery if necessary.

Tailor made warranties

Audio Visual Material has worked with our partners to develop a range of unique and extended warranty products.  These warranties are designed to give you an additional tool in competitive sales situations.

Warranty support is delivered through our in-house technical team – and all are offered as a free of charge benefit to AVM customers.  Please contact us to find out what we offer on each vendor brand, and how we can tailor a warranty to suit individual requirements.


We can conduct both routine maintenance and preventative maintenance contracts for your customers on your behalf including other projector brands not supplied by AVM.

Preventative visits can work out as excellent value in the long run as they reduce non-warranty failures due to poor servicing or maintenance.  A visit will include actions such as the cleaning of equipment inside and out, cleaning filters, checking lamp usage and replacing if necessary, checking alignment, checking correct function.


We will support our resellers by offering a commissioning service to end users on their behalf.  This service includes:-

  • Ensuring the best incoming resolution
  • Checking the quality of incoming signal with test patterns
  • Demonstrating the optimum use of lens shift / digital keystone to obtain the best picture quality
  • Colour balancing between multiple projection installs
  • Product handovers including maintenance and basic operation
  • Explanation of warranty services


We will conduct training at our facility in Camberley, at your premises or on site with your customer.  Areas covered include product training and effective use of the equipment. Speak to us about your training requirements even on products not supplied by AVM, we may be able to help.  Details of our scheduled training courses can be found here.


When we have been involved on site with your customer, we will conduct a thorough handover service which includes:-

  • A run through of the projector menus and features
  • A basic maintenance guide.
  • An explanation of firmware update procedure
  • Troubleshooting common problems
  • Explaining the warranty procedure

Service Level Agreements

We can provide Service Level Agreements on our range of projection systems, video walls and processors, including backup provision with fixed response times.

Assisted dealer install service

We can provide you with an assisted dealer install service, working as part of your own team, or manage the whole project.  Especially useful when you are working on products you are unfamiliar with.

Pre-sales support

We are happy to assist with the site survey and project design and are  able to offer additional services such as CAD renders to help your clients visualise the project and help you to secure the deal.