• Technologies
  • Technologies
  • Projection

    Modern projection technology moves rapidly and is no longer a simple choice between LCD or DLP. What was cutting edge yesterday is dated today. Today’s AV professionals need to consider

    • a plethora of resolutions up to 4K
    • the growth in 3D content
    • the need for edge blending to create large images
    • the development of new light technologies such as Laser and LED
    • impact on the network infrastructure
    • environmental issues
    • lifetime cost issues


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  • Displays

    Whilst many technologies see physical size getting smaller, with displays, they seem to just keep getting bigger.  42” plasma screens seemed huge ten years ago.

    Today we see ultra thin displays of 100+ inches with superb clarity of image.  Video walls are a growth area and the development of flexible digital displays that can be configured to almost any desired size or shape give users more creative freedom than ever before.  There is also a growth in touch technology, allowing users to interact with displays in a more natural way.


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  • Video Conferencing

    Energise business communications, distance learning and remote consulting with easy to use video conferencing systems. Effortlessly share HD video plus high-quality voice and PC presentations across multiple sites. Conference over IP or ISDN network connections.

    From a portable video conferencing device with wireless capability, through to powerful yet easy-to-use Full HD systems, we offer a full range of systems for any conferencing environment.

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    Video Conferencing
  • Projection screens

    No matter how good the projector, if the projection screen is not of the right quality, the image will suffer.

    Screen choices are complex and AV professionals need to consider:

    • installed or mobile
    • manual or electric
    • rear or front projection
    • most appropriate screen surface
    • flexible or rigid
    • aesthetic considerations
    • system control
    • standard size or custom built


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    Projection screens
  • Processors and Signal Management

    With new advances in network based technology, processors do no longer just act to display content on your local display. These days, these processors can distribute live AV feeds across your network minimising the need for complex matrix switchers, long cable runs and lots of rack space. Simply share your sources with other processors.

    For point to point distribution HDBaseT looks set to revolutionise signal distribution with more and more products featuring HDBaseT connectivity. 


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    Processors and Signal Management
  • Lifts and mounts

    Lifts and mount design and functionality have evolved with the growing demand for aesthetically pleasing room designs that reflect organisational standards.

    The range available is extensive and as well as everyday mounts for projectors and displays, includes solutions for special situations.  For example, mounts for heavy displays, lifts that disappear when not in use – either up into a ceiling or down into a desk, special rigging for stacked projectors etc.


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    Lifts and mounts