• The next generation of projectors?
  • The next generation of projectors?

Is the growth in laser phosphor projectors marking the beginning of the next generation of projectors?  

The future of projection lies in solid state technology and the explosion of laser phosphor projectors is a step along that path

Laser phosphor combines the benefits of solid state with a much lower lifetime cost of ownership, compared to traditional lamp-based projectors.

The benefits of this technology include:-

Low lifetime costs

Traditional projectors will use 4 or 5 lamps costing hundreds of pounds each over their lifetime. Laser phosphor projectors use none.  That means no replacement cost, no downtime cost, and no labour cost.

Always bright

Traditional projectors typically lose 50% brightness in 18 months.  Laser phosphor projectors typically lose 50% brightness in 18 years.

Eco – friendly

Traditional projector lamps contain deadly mercury that can end up in landfill – or if it breaks, in your customer’s premises.  Laser phosphor projectors contain no toxins whatsoever.

Less hassle

Laser phosphor projectors are practically maintenance free, generate very little heat and switch instantly on and off - resulting in no downtime, lower bills and time savings.

With increased performance capabilities, the promise of a longer life, and a lower cost of ownership, laser phosphor technology is set to change the way we both use projectors and benefit from them.

What is laser phosphor technology?

With a laser-phosphor, the projector light uses just one blue laser. This is then diffused and used to illuminate the DLP chip. It's also used to energise a phosphor wheel, which emits yellow light. This then divides into blue and green, which also illuminates the DLP chip.

Due to the advantages of this technolgoy, the use of laser-phosphor projectors are ideal for university lecture rooms, school halls and museums, or areas where the projector's use will be much longer in duration than normal.

Laser models are available from all of our projection partners – Christie, Digital Projection, Eiki and Vivitek.

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