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  • Spend your rewards your way - trade only

    Sign up for the Christie Privilege Card today and start earning cash rewards for selling Christie LCD, 1-Chip and DLP projectors and flat panel displays tomorrow.

    Designed to incentivise and reward you, Privilege cash rewards are loaded onto your personal Christie Privilege account and accessed through a MasterCard.  Spend your rewards anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

    To register for Christie Privilege go to www.christieprivilege.com and follow the online step by step registration guide.  You’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours and once registered you’ll get immediate access to the website and rewards.

    To earn rewards, follow the simple online claiming process and once approved, the funds will be loaded onto your account.

    As part of the programme you’ll be kept up to date with the latest product news, promotions and rewards so that you can make the very best of the scheme.

    Register today by visiting www.christieprivilege.com – but please ensure you have the approval of your organisation before doing so.

    Please note Christie Privilege is open only to trade resellers, dealers and integrators.


    Posted by Admin On: 20-08-2015
  • Big power in a small package - the new Christie HS series

    Christie has set another industry benchmark with the launch of the world’s brightest 1DLP® laser phosphor projector: the Christie HS Series which is not only the world’s first 13,000 Lumen 1DLP laser phosphor projector but it also brings the industry amazing colour balance  with a new proprietary solution, BoldColor Technology.

    The two models, Christie D12HD-HS and Christie D12WU-HS, respectively deliver HD and WUXGA resolution in a compact chassis that is the quietest 10,000+ lumens laser phosphor projector on the market.

    Christie has developed BoldColor Technology that enables the HS Series to produce excellent colours with exceptional colour balance. Building on the versatility of the H Series launched  last year, the laser-phosphor HS Series is also extremely small, low profile, light and extremely quiet  (a mere  40db). It’s a package that makes the HS Series not just the most flexible 1DLP laser phosphor projector but an exceptionally affordable laser phosphor projector at this brightness level.

    Perfect for those needing bright and rich images including rental stagers, corporations, hotels, public spaces, and entertainment venues, the Christie HS Series is capable of 360-degree orientation and portrait mode with colour matching and advanced blending, warping and stacking software built in, making it extremely flexible. The Christie HS Series also offers a full (six) lens suite covering 0.84:1 up to 7.2:1,  3GSDI and DVI-D loop through connections so signals can be daisy chained without external boxes, and optional fog filters. 


    Christie HS Series at a glance:

    • Brightest 1DLP® laser phosphor projector on the market.
    • Christie BoldColor Technology – enriched color performance
    • Choice of WUXGA or HD resolution to perfectly match content.
    • Laser phosphor illumination provides reliable performance with a 20,000 hour life.
    • Compact industrial design.
    • Quietest 10,000+ lumens laser phosphor projector available.
    • Lens memory to recall zoom, focus and lens offset settings.
    • Automatic and manual warps, blends and stacks.
    • 3D capable.
    • Bottom-side HDMI connection and rear input cover so ceiling mount installations can have a clean look.
    Posted by Admin On: 28-01-2016
  • The upgraded Christie Q series - brighter and quieter than ever before

    The new compact and quiet Christie Q Series models deliver more brightness for greater image clarity and performance  

    The Christie DWU1052-Q and Christie DHD1052-Q, both feature improved warping and blending for more installation freedom, performance and imagery.

    For applications including concerts, live theatre, lecture halls, conventions, hotels, public spaces, and other venues where bright and precise imagery is key, end users will experience the benefits of the improved blending and warping and portrait or landscape modes whether the image is displayed on a flat or curved surface.

    Built into the same small chassis as the existing  Q Series, the 1052-Q models bring even more brightness in the same unbelievably small form factor. This allows it to fit into small spaces and go unnoticed while the focus of the audience remains on the stunning images, all at a low cost of ownership.

    Christie DWU1052-Q and Christie DHD1052-Q have:

    • 10,000 lumens (WU), 9500 lumens (HD).
    • Small form factor.
    • Super quiet - reduced noise levels thanks to a unique cooling design that minimises the number of fans.
    • Built-in automated dual color wheel for best colour or brightest light.
    • e-Clarity image processing.
    • High Dynamic Contrast Range.
    • Versatile lens suite including 0.38:1 ultra-short throw.
    • Edge blending and warping capability and instant configuration.
    • Easy connectivity with 3GSDI and HDBaseT.
    • Built-in LCD display for status and monitoring.

    We expect to be stocking the new Q series from April 2016.



    Posted by Admin On: 28-01-2016
  • Christie scores another technical knockout with three new Boxer models

    Christie has introduced three new Boxer models featuring 2K resolution, 20,000, 25,000 and 30,000 center lumens.

    Pound-for-pound, the Christie Boxer Series represents the smartest, brightest and lightest high-performance professional projectors available. Weighing-in at a trim and compact 160 pounds and including single-phase power, built-in warping and blending, omnidirectional installation capabilities, and a full-range of connectivity, the Boxer Series packs a punch for high-impact visual events. Christie Boxer is available in multiple software performance configurations, delivering various options to meet budget, brightness and resolution needs.



    Boxer model



    Number of lamps





    30,000 center 29,000 ANSI

    33,750 ISO*


    Christie TruLife (1.2 Gpx/s)



    2K processing

    30,000 center 29,000 ANSI

    33,750 ISO *


    Christie TruLife Lite (300 Mpx/s)



    2K processing

    25,000 center

    24,100 ANSI 27,112 ISO*


    Christie TruLife Lite (300 Mpx/s)



    2K processing

    20,000 center

    19,300 ANSI

    27,712 ISO*


    Christie TruLife Lite (300 Mpx/s)

    Christie Boxer 2K20, 2K25 and 2K30 deliver:

    • Compact, lightweight and rugged design for easy transport, shipping and installation.
    • 360-degree omnidirectional installation capabilities.
    • Complete connectivity: 3G-SDI, DisplayPort, HDBaseT™, DVI, HDMI, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, 12G-SDI and fiber input.
    • Built-in Christie Twist® image warping and blending software.
    • Proven 3DLP® image quality and reliability.
    • Easy rigging and stacking.
    • At-a-glance source and status updates on lamp hours, voltage, temperature and warnings that can be sent directly to a mobile device or web browser.
    • Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) lets users track lamp information using a mobile device.
    • On-board toolkit. 
    Posted by Admin On: 28-01-2016