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    We are holding an Analog Way LiveCore certification course at the Casa Hotel in Yateley on 11th and 12th April and registrations are now open.

    Whether you are an integrator, consultant or freelance technician, Analog Way offers training that will enable you to take full advantage of their AV processors in various environments.

    This advanced course covers the overall functioning of LiveCore switchers. The course provides in-depth review of innovative features such as advanced layer management, output rota on, Cut and Fill, etc. Participants are also trained in Soft Edge Blending techniques. 

    At the end of the session after passing theoretical and practical tests, participants will obtain their official LiveCore certification, demonstrating a good command of the products.

    By becoming a LiveCore Certified Operator, you will get new skills and consequently be able to deploy more creativity when using their systems. You will also join the LiveCore Certified Operators directory; your expertise officially recognised by professionals in the Pro AV market.

    With a maximum of 10 places per course, please let us know urgently if you wish to reserve a place.  This course is free for potential Analog Way customers or existing AVM customers looking to buy into this technology.  If you are a Freelancer, please contact us for details of cost. 

    To book your place, please click here.

    Posted by Admin On: 03-02-2017